What Do You Know About Led UFO High Bay Light 150w?

We are living in the world of light, technology, and brightness. Businessmen always want to eliminate their place like stars as it can attract more audience and customers towards a place.

Brightness is always encouraged by the customers as the quality of the product is seen more in the environment and is more refreshing when it is more clear. If we talk about LED lights that illuminate a large area then LED UFO high Bay 150W is the best up till now.

It passed the quality of three reliability tests to prove its racking capacity in Lepro lighting. It passed the high-temperature storage test, aging test, and temperature humidity bias test. These tests are enough to prove the reliability and the racking power of LED UFO High Bay light 150W. Furthermore, the performance of LED UFO High Bay light 150W is explained in this article.

Lepro Lighting

LED UFO High Bay light 150W is the best option for the people of different areas but if you move towards Lepro Lighting then it is better. Areas like industrial grade housing or the designs which streamline heat-dissipating enable the lifespan of these lights up to 50,000 hours. LED UFO High Bay light 150W is certified and very accurate on the safety standards. It has 4KV anti-surge protection and helps in light efficiency with an outstanding dissipation of heat.

Specifications of LED UFO High bay light 150W

The LED UFO High Bay light 150W of Lepro Lighting has some specifications in it. The prominent specifications of LED 150W are given below:

  • LED UFO High Bay light 150W provides efficiency of about 19000 lumens and works equivalent to the 4000W MAH. It can perfectly replace any LED light and can reduce the electricity bill by up to 66%. It has a feature of dimmable LED light as you can easily adjust the brightness according to your desire.
  • It is certified and approved according to the safety standards of the authorities along with the dustproof and waterproof IP ratings. It can work in the worst conditions and has a lifespan of almost 50,000 hours which is an equivalent of 17 years.
  • LED UFO High Bay light 150W can work in the outdoor as well as indoor environments specifically made to illuminate commercial areas. It contains all the important accessories along with the lights and has a stress-free and sleek design.

Best LED UFO High Bay light 150W fixtures

Lepro Lighting specifically LED UFO High Bay light 150W is considered as the best light fixture which is the alternative to 400W lamps. If you want light for your warehouse with a height of 16 feet then LED UFO High Bay light 150W would be the best option available for you in the market. It can easily brighten up an area of almost 40 ft in its complete diameter. You are always encouraged to use 10 units of Lepro Lighting to illuminate your space, specifically warehouses.

Applications of Lepro Lighting

The applications of LED UFO High Bay light 150W are very widespread. You can easily use LED UFO High Bay light 150W at your retail spaces, gyms, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, supermarkets, and highway tool stations. The most important feature of its application is that it works 50,000 hours and saves thousands of dollars. You can save a lot of money from spending on the maintenance and change of lights again and again.


Lepro lighting contains LED UFO High Bay light 150W which has all the safety standards and brand drivers of high-quality lights. It can withstand the high impact of Massdrop and has the quality of waterproofing hence it can work perfectly in a damp environment. It offers high power luminance and is available in different methods of installation for the help and ease of the users.

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