What You Might Not Know About Laser Tag

Laser tag is not a new term since it is common gameplay for children and adults. It involves guns emitting fire infrared beams and exists in different types. Whether you choose an indoor-themed laser tag or decide to play the laser tag outdoors, you can be certain you will have fun. You can use the game as a team-building activity to cheer up your colleagues, friends, and loved ones. Let us look at several fun facts about the laser tag to enlighten you about the activity.

  • No Laser Involved

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This might be surprising, but it is the truth, and it is good to clear the air first. Although the name might imply otherwise, please understand that no real laser is used in a laser tag. Note that laser can be life-threatening, cause effects on your eyes and skin, and not be used for fun. The red beams you see are only infrared beams with sensors and not lasers. Therefore, you ought not be afraid of participating in the game if you thought lasers were used.

  • It is based on the Sci-fi Series Star Trek

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The history of laser tag dates back to 1979 when it was introduced as a Star Trek phaser. It was inspired by the series star trek that is why it later maintained the name laser. Although no laser was used, the laser stun guns from the movie inspired the game and brought about the name. It was easy for the game to gain popularity among its many fans due to its inspiration. However, the game soon evolved, and people began focusing it on other concepts away from the sci-fi series, broadening its appeal and attracting new audiences.

  • Large Groups are Accommodated

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This is an exciting fact about laser tag, where it can accommodate about twelve people at a time, meaning more fun. In laser tag, the more players, the better and the more fun. Therefore, even if your family has about 12 members, you can all play together at a go.

You can visit https://www.timezonegames.com/en-nz/play/games-activities/laser-tag, to be well acquiated with the game. It has different modes of play, allowing multiple players like ten lives and 25 lives or the individual mode where you are on your own. All games are fast, and you must keep your eyes peeled on your enemies, especially when participating as a large group.

  • A Great Workout

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Surprisingly, laser tag is a great workout for the day. You do not have to go to the gym or do strenuous exercises if you are in a position to play the laser tag. Remember that the game is about guns and shooting and ensures you run around throughout your session.

The best part is that you will not realize you are trying hard to get away from your enemies, and you might have done more in ten minutes than you would have done at the gym. That is one of the reasons why the military utilizes the game.

  • It is a No Contact Game

You will not contact other players when participating in a laser tag, unlike when participating in other team-building games. Less contact minimizes risks for injuries, and it is less common to hurt yourself. But always be careful when participating in any game, even contactless laser tag.

You can consider the laser tag when considering the best way to spend time with family, colleagues, or friends. You can book your location online with TimeZone Games to secure your fun space. They are one of the best events and team-building events planners in Singapore.

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