IOSH Resources: Books, Courses, and Tools for Occupational Safety and Health Professionals

In a world where workplace hazards can significantly impact both productivity and employee well-being, the role of safety professionals cannot be overstated. Their dedication to minimizing risks and creating a culture of safety is invaluable in today’s work environments.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is at the forefront of offering tools like the IOSH Certification to empower occupational safety and health (OSH) experts, who are essential in maintaining a secure working environment. The IOSH Certification not only serves as a benchmark for safety professionals but also instills confidence among employees and stakeholders in the organization’s commitment to safety.

With a focus on continuous improvement, these tools and resources enable professionals to stay updated with the latest safety standards and practices. In this blog, we will discuss What is IOSH and the range of IOSH resources, including books, courses, and tools, that are intended to improve the abilities and expertise of safety and health professionals.

Table of Contents


  • What is IOSH?

  • Navigating IOSH Certification
  • IOSH Certification Courses
    • Managing Safely
    • Working Safely
    • Construction Safety
    • Environmental Management
  • IOSH Approved Books

    • Health and Safety: Risk Management
    • The Complete Health and Safety Professional
    • Occupational Health and Wellbeing
    • Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Excellence
  • IOSH Tools for OSH Professionals

    • Incident Investigation App
    • Safety Culture Assessment Tool
    • Risk Assessment Software
    • Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)
  • Conclusion

What is IOSH?



Before delving into the materials at our disposal, let us tackle the essential query: IOSH: What is it? An international organisation dedicated to advancing occupational health and safety is the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Professionals committed to establishing and preserving safe work environments can obtain certificates from IOSH, which also establishes industry standards and provides training.

Navigating IOSH Certification

For safety experts, IOSH accreditation is a symbol of excellence. It provides credibility to one’s knowledge and leads to many chances in the occupational safety and health sector. Thorough training, exams, and a dedication to maintaining the highest safety procedures are all part of the certification process.

Let’s examine the resources IOSH offers to assist professionals in pursuing certification and continuous professional growth.

IOSH Certification Courses

The comprehensive certification courses that IOSH offers are the cornerstone of its programs. These courses ensure that safety professionals are prepared to tackle a variety of difficulties in the workplace by covering a wide range of topics. With courses catered to particular industries and a health and safety management foundation, IOSH offers professionals a path to further their proficiency.

Managing Safely


The IOSH Managing Safely course is a fundamental training for managers and supervisors in various industries. It addresses all the crucial facets of risk assessment, safety management, and legal compliance. This course serves as a starting point for professionals looking to obtain an IOSH certification and strengthen their grasp of safety procedures.

Working Safely

The Working Safely course provides a good foundation in health and safety concepts for workers of all levels. It’s a great place to start for people eager to establish a safety-aware culture in their companies. Finishing this course establishes the foundation for future professional growth and shows a dedication to fostering a safe work environment.

Construction Safety

The IOSH Construction Safety course addresses the safety risks exclusive to the construction industry. This course, designed for construction industry professionals, addresses subjects like hazardous materials, site safety, and regulatory compliance. Those who complete the Construction Safety course are prepared to handle the intricate safety management requirements in the construction industry.

Environmental Management

IOSH provides a specialist Environmental Management course in recognition of the increasing significance of environmental sustainability. Professionals handling environmental issues inside their companies are the intended audience for this qualification. Important topics covered in the course include legal compliance, environmental risk assessment, and sustainability promotion tactics. A dedication to incorporating environmental factors into occupational health and safety procedures is demonstrated by obtaining certification in environmental management.

IOSH Approved Books

IOSH acknowledges the use of literature in fostering best practices and knowledge dissemination in occupational safety and health in addition to its courses. IOSH has authorised books to span a broad range of subjects, from in-depth analyses of safety management systems to helpful implementation manuals for safety procedures in particular industries.

Health and Safety: Risk Management

“Health and Safety: Risk Management” is an IOSH-approved book that explores the nuances of risk assessment and management and is written by seasoned specialists in the field. It is an invaluable resource for professionals looking to get a deeper comprehension of the concepts underlying efficient health and safety procedures.

The Complete Health and Safety Professional

“The Complete Health and Safety Professional” provides insights into cutting-edge ideas and tactics for anyone hoping to achieve the highest level of occupational safety and health. This thorough manual stresses the leadership abilities required to promote an organisation’s safety culture and covers the technical components of safety management.

Occupational Health and Wellbeing


“Occupational Health and Wellbeing” is a book that covers the holistic well-being of employees and has been approved by IOSH. Occupational health is a fast-expanding field. This book, written by professionals in the field of occupational health, addresses issues related to workplace mental health, ergonomics, and building a culture of well-being. It offers insightful information to professionals who want to establish work environments that value employees’ emotional and physical well-being.

Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Excellence

A vital component of any effective health and safety program is safety leadership. The IOSH-approved book “Safety Leadership: From Compliance to Excellence” is a suggested read that delves into the subtleties of successful safety leadership. It focuses on developing a leadership attitude that raises safety standards to the highest level and goes beyond simple regulatory compliance. Professionals who want to build a safety-conscious culture in their organisations should read this book.

IOSH Tools for OSH Professionals

As the world grows more dependent on technology, IOSH acknowledges the need for valuable tools that improve the efficacy and efficiency of safety personnel. These technologies are intended to improve occupational health and safety by streamlining procedures, making risk assessments easier, and so forth.

Incident Investigation App

The Incident Investigation App from IOSH offers a systematic way to look into incidents that happen at work. It helps safety experts through the procedure, ensuring that all pertinent aspects are considered. This tool helps find the underlying causes of accidents and helps put preventive measures in place to stop them from happening again.

Safety Culture Assessment Tool

Establishing a strong safety culture is an ongoing endeavour, and companies dedicated to this objective will find great value in IOSH’s Safety Culture Assessment Tool. With the aid of this tool, professionals may evaluate the existing condition of their safety culture, pinpoint areas in need of development, and put specific plans into action to raise general safety awareness.

Risk Assessment Software

IOSH acknowledges that efficient risk assessment is critical to workplace safety. Safety experts can do comprehensive risk evaluations methodically with the help of their robust risk assessment software. It helps with risk assessment, control measure implementation, and possible hazard identification. By streamlining the risk assessment procedure, this software ensures that businesses can proactively handle safety issues.

Health and Safety Management System (HSMS)


A robust management system is necessary for an all-encompassing approach to health and safety. Organisations can use the Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) from IOSH to help implement and maintain efficient health and safety procedures. It offers a structure for monitoring occurrences, controlling risks, and guaranteeing adherence to pertinent laws. Because it can be customised for different industries, the HSMS is a flexible option for safety experts.


In conclusion, IOSH’s wide range of materials demonstrates its dedication to developing the field of occupational safety and health. IOSH offers a comprehensive approach to safety management, ranging from recognised publications providing in-depth knowledge to certification courses that establish professional competence benchmarks to proper instruments enabling day-to-day operations.

These resources provide a path to success for anyone pursuing IOSH certification or looking to improve their health and safety competency level. Occupational safety and health experts can make a big difference in creating safer and healthier workplaces for everyone by investing in education, keeping up with industry literature, and using state-of-the-art tools. Protecting lives and well-being at work is a vital duty, and IOSH acts as a beacon, pointing professionals toward excellence.

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