3 Thing You Need To Know About The Ibogaine Treatment For Addiction

Opiate and other drug addictions are an extremely major issue in many countries around the world. According to various sources, opiate addiction alone kills almost 130 Americans every day.

However, a new treatment has arrived at the market and if reports are true, it can serve as one of the most effective treatments for eliminating all symptoms of opiate addiction from an individual. That treatment is none other than ibogaine treatment. If you too are from Europe and are suffering from opiate drug addiction, you can avail ibogaine treatment Europe for your addiction.

However, before you use the treatment, there are certain things that you should know about it. These things are:

1. It has its own risks


Ibogaine treatment is still a relatively new treatment in the modern medical industry and researchers are still conducting medical research for it to find out its various benefits and side effects. Since it is a psychedelic substance itself, it can create its own share of problems for a drug addict if taken in large quantities.

The treatment requires meticulous medical supervision and care and can produce a ton of side effects for patients if they take an unregulated amount of ibogaine by themselves. These side effects include seizures, gastric issues in the intestine, heart complications, ataxia and, in some unconfirmed cases, even death.

2. Taking ibogaine requires meticulous medical supervision


Finding a medical professional who is willing to do ibogaine treatment is rare but when you do, you should ensure that you do the treatment only when you are under their expert supervision. Ibogaine is still a relatively new drug unlike other drugs that have been already tested by researchers and experts to be safe.

This essentially implies that while other drugs may be safe when taken alone, ibogaine in particular is not safe at all when you take it by yourself. There are still plenty of tests that need to be done to figure out the safe and effective maximum tolerated dose for ibogaine. Until then, if you wish to take an ibogaine treatment, you will only have to settle to do so under medical experts and professionals.

3. Heart and liver patients can’t take the ibogaine treatment


One of the most crucial things about ibogaine treatment, amongst others, is that the patients who are undergoing the treatment can’t have any sort of heart or liver disease for drug safety purposes. This conclusion was put forward by a prominent researcher of the ibogaine treatment who has studied it for almost 25 years so you can be assured it comes from verified sources.

If you have any sort of liver or heart disease, we strongly recommend that you stay away from the ibogaine treatment until further research comes along and proves it to be safe. Ibogaine treatment has various benefits and advantages but these benefits can’t apply to someone who is at a risk from the treatment.


There are several things that you should know about the ibogaine treatment for addiction. We hope this article was insightful and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates.

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