How Often Do You Need To Groom My Cat During Summer – 2024 Guide

Grooming your cat regularly in summer will help in reducing the seasonal risks. In general, you can see improved shedding during late winter and at the onset of the summer season. When the summer season begins, many feline owners often think about how many times they need to groom their cat.

Though cats groom themselves, the owners have to groom them to keep the felines healthy and comfortable during the hot summer. If you have a specific breed of cat, it is best to consult a veterinarian about the best deshedding tool for your cat, how to utilize it, and how often.

How Often Should I Groom My Cat In Summer?


Depending on the cat’s breed and fur length, you might need to groom the feline twice a week or daily. Remember that you should groom the cat only if it feels comfortable.

  • Short-haired Cats


Short-haired cat breeds, such as Egyptian Mau, American Shorthair, and British Shorthair, need grooming many times a week. Make sure not to groom it too often because it can lead to skin discomfort or bald spots.

  • Medium-haired Cats


For medium-haired cats like mixed breeds, Japanese Bobtail, and Manx, you can groom them a few times a week. But, if your feline sheds excessively or has thick fur, daily grooming is recommended.

  • Long-haired Cats


It is mandatory to groom long-haired cats daily. These breeds include Persians, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons. Long fur felines can generate knots, mats, and tangles that you need to remove immediately. If required, you can take your pet to a veterinarian for professional help.

If you own a baby kitten, it is a better idea to familiarize it with grooming from its early days. Never groom the cat forcefully because it can stress out your pet. If you notice that the feline is wagging its tail, stiffening its body, flattening its ears, or growling, it is best to stop grooming for a few minutes.

The indoor long-haired cats might shed fur throughout the year, but the short-haired felines tend to have specific shedding seasons. The surrounding temperature does not accelerate the hair shedding, but the total amount of daylight can trigger it. Thus, even the short-haired cats can shed throughout the year when they do not have much exposure to natural light.

Grooming your cat on a regular basis is quite crucial because it can peel out the dead undercoat. Due to that, the air will circulate decently around the skin, which helps the cat to remain cool in the hot summer season. Besides that, insects bite the cat’s skin during summer, which leads to a skin disorder called wet dermatitis. However, grooming your cat from time to time can remove dead, matted fur and keeps the cat’s skin healthy.

Final Word

During summer, grooming the feline a few times a week is necessary. However, considering the coat length of certain cat breeds, you might have to groom them daily. Besides that, use a high-quality brush and other deshedding tools to groom your cat comfortably.

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