What Should I Have In My Guitar Practice Space – 2024 Guide

Learning guitar is about inspiration. If you want to learn the guitar to play in the band then you have to keep thinking that what kind of songs you will play. The best way to learn acoustic guitar is to get an acoustic guitar to play and start trying to play the songs.

How a great practice space will make you a better guitar player

If you have a place at home then you will not resist going to play.

  • Space:


If you have an acoustic or an amp with your electric then you need to have space for everything setup. Don’t forget to have space to store your cases. You have to make space for everything to be setup if it becomes a chore to move things. Remove all the barriers that will become a matter of plugging and flipping a couple of switches. You can keep a speaker at home for practicing and for rehearsal. It will make transport easier without having an amp.

  • Easy access to outlets:

If you have string extension cords in your room to practice then you will not practice as much. Just like to have space in the room, you need to have the essential of power.

  • Tools of the trade:

There will be extra strings, slide, written music and tuner and so on. You will need something else and you will pick up a different style of pick. All the tools will be kept in practice space and it will inspire.

  • A Plan:


If you are working on a technique, song or practicing scales will have an idea to accomplish. Sometimes it will be good to pick up the guitar to fiddle around. Don’t want to think you can’t play but you can practice having a goal in mind. Practicing will be about learning something and you have to keep things fresh in your mind.

  • Music stand:

There will be nothing more than to have to play music in a place. It will be a great place to put extra picks or tuner.

  • Pen and paper:


You will have a good idea that you want to write down.  So don’t lose time by looking for a pen and paper. You can have it on your music stand.

  • Recording device:

If you have a four track then you will have a way to record your ideas. Music is nature that will be able to record and you can play it with your band mates.

  • Remove distractions:

You can turn off your cell phone, TV, and your computer so that you can remove all the distractions from your room.

  • Metronome:


If you don’t have this metronome then you can download an app. You will learn to work with the click and this will make you a better musician.

Hopefully, this will help you to know what to have in guitar practice space. You have to imagine the travel expense of having to be in your practice space.

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