4 Tips For Finding Tennis Shoes In Singapore

Tennis shoes are a must-have item for any tennis player, beginner, or pro. Generally, players can find their shoes in pairs at sporting goods stores like Sporting Life and Sports Direct.

However, finding these shoes in Singapore is a different story. Most of the time when players come to Singapore for tournaments or training camps, they already have their shoes with them as they cannot decide on a pair in Singapore and want one with the appropriate size for their feet.

Tips for finding Tennis Shoes in Singapore

1. Start at the right place


It is important to start by knowing your foot type. Start with a basic shoe fitting. This will give you an idea of what kind of shoes suit you best. For example, I have wide feet, but if I wear a normal pair of shoes such as an Asics Gel Solution Speed 3, it is hard for me to walk properly because the toe box is very narrow.

In addition, the shoes tend to slip around on your feet easily because they are not made for wider feet.

2. Try on as many pairs as possible


Try on every shoe available to find the perfect fit for your feet. Although it may be hard to find the perfect fit for just a pair of shoes, I try them on again and again until I find the best look for my feet.

For example, to find out which style is best for my large feet, I try on many different types of shoes without changing the size. Then when I get that perfect fit in one pair, I usually take it home with me.

3. Foot type has its own advantage


Different foot types have different advantages in finding shoes that are most suitable for them. For example, my wide feet look best in shoes with a wider toe box and I can find many different styles that are stylish and comfortable.

In addition, I also like how the leather straps on the sides of shoes provide more comfort and support to my foot especially when I play tennis matches every day.

4. Look for special discounts in stores


In Singapore, people normally get discounts if they buy multiple pairs of tennis shoes at the same time. You can save up to 20% off on the total price. If you can find the same style with different colors, you can get 10% off each shoe.

Therefore, I suggest that When finding tennis shoes in Singapore you should try to buy one more pair of shoes when you come across a good deal because at least it will be enough for your indoor practice sessions.


In conclusion, I hope that you can find your tennis shoes in Singapore with these tips. It is an important item for you to use during your practice sessions and a good pair of shoes will make your game more interesting and enjoyable. Most importantly, it is important to choose the right size for your feet so that you can get the most out of them.

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