13 Interesting Facts About God And Religion

No matter which religion you belong in, the concept is pretty similar. There is the main person we name God, and His name may vary from one religion to another. In general, God is an approximation of some individual who was important, and who has a big role in spiritual teaching and making the people be respectful of those rules.


It’s also normal that some people are skeptical when it comes to the church or other religious objects. When we are in front of life challenges, we often ask ourselves if God is testing us, or does He really exist? You can learn more on this topic on, and see how things are going in the world.

But today, in this article, we will talk about some interesting facts about God and religion in general:

  • The religion was established so the people can explain to themselves the events they didn’t have knowledge about.
  • Christians believe in God, who created the Universe. Muslim’s God is named Allah. But in Hinduism, God may have more names, like Bhagavan, or Isvara. Different religions, different God, but the same meaning.
  • Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and the second one is Islam. The numbers are too close; they can become equal very soon.
  • The word “God” may have different meanings in different languages or religions, but in general, it always refers to something divine and eternal.
  • Monotheism is when the people believe in one God, but there are examples of polytheism, or belief in more than one god. Most of the polytheistic religions are already ancient.
  • Atheists are the people who believe there is no God, and it’s pretty common in modern times, among young people.
  • Agnostics are those who believe there is something that exists beyond humankind, but we can’t explain it with religion, and probably we don’t even have to try that in our lifetime.
  • The Bible is not a single book. It’s a collection of at least 66 different books, and it’s been rewritten, so it can get a shape and concept, for the people to understand it clearly.
  • Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all belong to the Abrahamic religions.
  • Jesus is mentioned in the Quran, and he is referred to as Isa there. Mary, his mother, is known as Maryam.
  • Even though Christians believe God is a man, the Bible never refers to them by gender.
  • Christians represent the Saints in icons and sculptures, but in the Islamic religion, it’s strictly forbidden to represent Allah or the prophet Muhammed in any kind of art.
  • Some smaller religious groups aren’t allowed to do the usual things as the other people, for example, Mormons don’t drink tea and coffee, but Scientists refuse medicine treatments when they are sick. Amish for example, refuse modern technologies.

There are so many interesting things to know about religion, God, and all the saints and personas mentioned in the holy books. We encourage you to proceed to research this topic, for more interesting facts.

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