The Different Kinds Of Sports Betting

Some people are surprised when they find out there are other types of sports betting than the traditional fixed odds sports betting. Fixed odds betting is when you predict the outcome of a game and then place a bet on your selection. It’s called ‘fixed odds’ because the odds are agreed upon once the bet is placed.

If you as the bettor win, then the payout will be established on the odds that were agreed upon. However, you aren’t limited to that one style of sports betting just because it is the most popular. Here are other kinds of sports betting that you can try out.

In play betting


In play betting, also known as live betting, has a similar basic concept as fixed odds betting. With both these sports betting styles, the bets are placed with fixed odds. However, the key difference between the two is that for fixed betting, the bets have to be placed before the game or event.

The in play betting style doesn’t have this rule, people can place their bets in the middle of the game too. The best part about this betting is that you can while a sports event is happening, oor to be more precise while it is live.

Spread betting

This sports betting style does not have fixed odds, and you can’t merely win or lose with your bet. Here, the bookmaker will post a spread of different numbers that mean certain things that can happen during a game. You will have to bet whether one of those numbers will be higher or lower. Depending on how much higher or lower the number ends up being will determine how much you’ll win or lose.

Pari-mutuel betting


This style of sports betting is mainly used for betting on horse races, though it can work for other sports as well. With pari-mutuel betting, there are no bookmakers or odds. Everyone simply pays what they want to get into a betting pool.

At the end of the game or event, the people who bet on the winner or any other winning selection will all get a share of what was in the betting pool. How much you get depends on how much you’ve put in and how many people also bet on the winning selection.

Try them out!


Now that you know more ways to play sports betting, you can try them and see if it fits your liking. Finding a style that you may be good at will only elevate your betting experience. Another way you can elevate your experience while betting is by using relevant data about the sports you bet on.

At you can find sports APIs that grant you fast and trustworthy sports data. You can even make an app to help others elevate their sports betting experience too. Also this can be a great source of income for you, and it can allow other users seamless experience.

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