What Does It Cost To Make A 2D Animation Explainer Video?

Today, hundreds of thousands of people are interested in how much 2D animation explainer video costs, so the opinion that in our time only volumetric images are in high demand is a mistake.  There is a buyer for each product, and if you like 3D animation for its realism, then two-dimensional images will always attract fans of minimalism.

How much does 2D animation cost


Many people are interested in the question of how much the 2d explainer video will cost.  There is no exact answer here.  It all depends on many factors.

We can confidently say that 2D animation videos are in high demand and are not losing their popularity.  If you have an interesting idea regarding the development of such a video, you can always count on the help of specialists in its implementation.  Qualified specialists will make your fantasies come true and provide you with a video that fully meets your expectations.

2D animation price


Nowadays, such videos are actively used in the field of advertising.  And this is not surprising, since they are remembered by viewers and make it possible to effectively promote goods and services.  Advertising animation formats are different – from small animated images on websites to full-fledged videos.

Depends on the complexity of the idea, on the wishes, on the length of the video, on the quality and, of course, on the specialists you turned to.  It is difficult to allocate a clear price.  It is different for everyone.

2D characters are more loyal to the audience, compared to the annoying volumetric characters from different videos.  Such videos are memorable and make you want to share them with your friends.

One of the main advantages of 2D cinematics is the price of 2D animation.  The creation of such a video is much cheaper than the development of a video with a volumetric image.  And these are just some of the factors that make 2D video superior to its competitors.

Who should you contact for help?

It is very important not to miscalculate with the specialists in order to ultimately be satisfied with the result.  Look at the work of the company, pay attention to the reviews, ask and be interested in all the points, and then you will make the right choice.

In order not to waste a lot of time searching, you can immediately refer to  They are professionals with a lot, who know exactly what you need and can easily turn even the craziest ideas into reality.

What are the advantages of contacting real specialists?

1. High-quality video and voice acting


If you turn to professional animators with experience in rendering animation videos in various techniques, then it is clear that the work will be of high quality.  You will be able to get a unique video with high-quality sound and picture that will attract new clients to you.

2. Strict adherence to deadlines

Most often, cooperation with representatives of creative professions is associated with the risk of long waiting for results (“The muse didn’t come,” “all the energy went to another project,” etc.).  However, if you really go to the right place, there will definitely not be such moments.

3. Making videos that hit right on target


Before starting the creation of animation, they analyze the activities of your company and make exactly the video that will best convey the necessary information to the target audience.

Therefore, do not be afraid to contact the specialists for an explainer video and attract new clients.  This is a great opportunity to present your company in an interesting and unique way.

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