Cliff Diving In Turkey

Attention all thrill seekers traveling to Turkey! A new activity you have to experience is cliff diving.

This post will cover all things cliff diving including what it is, the height, depth of the water, places where you can cliff dive in Turkey, and safety tips.

Let’s jump right in! Get it? “Jump” right in (insert laughing emoji here)

Silhouette of a person jumping off a cliff into water during sundown.

What Is Cliff Diving?

Cliff Diving is exactly as the name suggests. It’s when you jump off the edge of a cliff into a body of water below you. It is an extreme sport where experienced cliff divers usually do tricks and acrobatics in the air before hitting the water. This extreme sport only grew in popularity.

So much so that energy drink maker Red Bull runs some of the most dramatic events each year, with skilled divers leaping off rocky cliffs or platforms set as high as 85-feet in the air.

What Is The Cliff Diving Height?

The average cliff diving height ranges between 20 feet to 50 feet (6.1m to 15m). However, you can always go for a cliff shorter than 20 feet but it’s not recommended to go higher than 50 feet (maybe only if you’re a complete expert in the sport).

This is because speed builds up really fast when airborne, even if you dive off a 20 foot cliff you can travel up to 25 mph as you hit the water. Speed is the biggest threat when it comes to cliff diving as serious injuries can occur more easily.

How Deep Should The Water Be When Cliff Diving?


On a very small cliff you need water that’s at least 8 m (26 feet) deep. Then, as you go higher, add an extra 2 feet of water for every 10 feet of cliff. For example if you jump off a 30 foot cliff make sure the water is at least 28 feet deep (8.5 m).

The most important part of cliff diving is making sure that the water beneath you is deep enough. However, it’s not just the depth you need to worry about, you also need to make sure that there are no rocks, debris, branches, or any other kind of obstructions in the water.

Can You Go Cliff Diving In Turkey?

Yes, you can. There are popular spots in Turkey where you can cliff dive. However, to experience the thrill that is cliff diving in Turkey, you might need a Turkey visa.

Man jumping off a cliff into blue water during daytime

What Are The Best Cliff Diving Sites In Turkey?

As I’ve mentioned above there are different spots in Turkey where you can cliff dive. The top 2 best cliff diving sites in Turkey are:

Cliff Jumping in Olympos (Çıralı):

Surprisingly, jumping into the Mediterranean from a few feet higher is one of the most underrated activities to do in Olympos. Near the start of the trail leading to the historic lookout tower, right past the Olympos ruins entrance, is where you’ll find the most popular jumping rock.

Here, you can dive down a number of heights and with a short rope to help you with the climb.

Please note: The place you need to climb up to get to the cliff is quite sharp. Which is why it’s recommended that you wear swimming shoes to protect your feet from cuts.

Akyaka cliff diving:


Some people have said that this beach is very crowded. That’s true. However, you’re not going to lay on the beach for the day. Oh no, you’re going for the more exciting route. To go cliff diving in Turkey on this beach walk past all the crowds to the end. There you’ll find the perfect cliffs to jump off of.

Far away shot of a man jumping off a cliff surrounded by mountains and trees during daytime

Safety Tips For Cliff Diving

When you decide to go cliff diving safety always comes first. Cliff diving is an extreme sport for a reason (injuries can occur at any time). So, to make sure you’re safe, follow these safety tips:

Make Sure You’re A Strong Swimmer

This tip might seem quite obvious, but whether you are cliff diving into a lake, river, or ocean, it is very important to ensure that you are an excellent swimmer. You must be able to enter the water correctly, hold your breath for a long enough period of time, and, of course, get back to land.

If you’re not ticking these boxes practice until you do before jumping.

Never Cliff Dive Alone

When you go cliff diving, bring your friends. Who will snap that awesome photo of you mid-dive if you dive alone?

It’s also a good idea to bring a friend with you for safety reasons. Accidents can still happen even if you take all the necessary safety precautions. If something goes wrong with your jump, having someone close could save your life.

Scan Your Jumping Area

Always look before you leap! As I’ve mentioned before, you must always check if there are any rocks, branches, debris, or other objects that could cause injuries. Scan the water before you climb up to the cliff and then scan again from above.

Make Sure The Water Is Deep Enough


This is very important. The water must be at least 8-10 meters deep if you want to cliff dive. If you don’t double check this it could cause serious injuries.

Start Small

If you’re not an experienced cliff diver, don’t go for the biggest or medium sized cliff. Start small so you’ll know what to expect, how to control your body, and to see if you can hold your breath long enough to reach the surface.

After that, if you feel comfortable, go a bit higher. However, and I can’t stress this enough, don’t jump off the highest cliff.

Wear Water Shoes

This might sound unnecessary but sometimes the climb to the top of the cliff can be hard on your feet. Some cliffs might have sharp or rough edges that can cut your feet. So, if you’re diving the entire day, you might walk away with some nasty cuts.

The water shoes also provide some grip which can prevent you from slipping.

Don’t Jump Head First

Always jump feet first. Unless you’re an expert (not a self proclaimed one), you put yourself at risk for injuries.

Be Of Sound Mind


In short, don’t drink before you jump. If your judgment is in any way impaired do not do this already risky activity/sport.

Be Confident

You have to be 100% sure you want to jump off the cliff. Sounds easy right? Not really. Once you get up there and you look down it can cause some doubts.

If you have even the tiniest piece of doubt in your mind before jumping it could spell disaster. You want to be in control of your body before, during, and after your jump.

Girl diving off a cliff into water surrounded by trees during daytime

That’s it!

Now you know everything you need to know about cliff diving in Turkey and how to do it responsibly and safely. Just make sure that you follow the safety tips and you’ll have a great jump.

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