Badland Winch

If you love off-road adventures, then you must be well aware of the fact that a reliable Badland Winch is the most important tool that is responsible to make your off-roading experience remarkable by saving you in unwanted situations.

This is the main reason for the high demand for Badland Winch globally. In addition to this, the higher demand for Badland winch urges Alibaba to manufacture the most helpful systems for users to help them save time.

Picking the best is an uphill task for riders but Badland Winch can do wonders for you and adds fun to off-roading time. Although it’s easier to search for a long-lasting system the major problem that buyers suffer from is the installation process as many buyers are completely unaware of the installation guide.

Stop worrying! As we have got your back and all the necessary details regarding installation are explained in the article.

Ways to install a Badland Winch while you’re in trouble:


Pressingly, Badland winch is becoming very popular among the off-roaders of today’s time and that’s why the tool has become a hot selling product on Alibaba. For deep analysis and details about different features, it’s helpful to browse the huge collection of Badland Winch and make the right decision before investing your money.

Although the process of installation is easier it’s helpful to get the complete details to make a successful and time-saving installation. After taking the required safety tips, you should be ready for the process of installation as we’re here with all the necessary details that you need to follow for having a better experience:

Process of Mounting for installation :

  • The first thing that’s important to consider while installation is to ensure that enough capacity of the mounting plate that’s capable enough to support the whole capacity of the winch system.
  • After ensuring the capacity, rotate the winch at the angle of 90 degrees to your car’s centerline at the right location. For making the process easier, mark the point on your needed location where you can easily fix the wheel holes.
  • Thirdly, start drilling the holes but it’s important to make sure that the drilling surface should be free from additional components and structural parts. Take care of all these structural parts because a little damage can increase the weakness of the mounting frame.
  • The last step is to drill holes and install the winch along with bolts and tighten them strongly.

Process of electrical wiring for installation :

  • For electrical wiring, all you need is just to connect the same side of the wire with the same point on your winch. After making a connection, make these wires from the winch to the engine.
  • The wire that’s coming from the winch should be attached to the positive side of the battery and keep all the wires away from hot spots and spaces for ensuring safety measures.
  • After the connection of the positive side, connect the negative side with the negative side of the battery.

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