How to Access a Casino That’s Blocked in Your Country

Gambling has been part of everyday human life. And like other entertainment activities, it has also undergone significant development. For example, an online casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์) started in 1996.

Since it has gained popularity over time, it has fallen under most governments’ watchful eyes. As a result, most western governments accept the practice. However, the method is under strict governance in most countries.

Most countries in the world have banned the practice altogether. The list below provides you with different ways of bypassing the ban if it affects your country. If you are a tourist in such countries, the tips will still come in handy.

Using VPNs


VPN is a tool that connects your computer or mobile to servers in other countries. It acts as an internet tunnel and is sometimes called a VPN-Tunnel. VPN is one of the ideal solutions for your problem.

An IP address is a unique address given to a computer while accessing the internet. IP addresses differ depending on the country. Countries with bans on online gambling require the sites to filter or block IP addresses from their nation.

This is where a VPN comes in handy. The VPN will ensure that you connect your computer to another country’s virtual server before connecting to the internet. The process will give your computer an IP address from the country you are hooked on.

VPNs are a more secure way of connecting to the internet. Not only does it change your IP address, but it also encrypts your browsing history. This way, nobody can tell it was you gambling online.

There are plenty of good VPNs you can select from. Some are cheap to acquire and charge a monthly fee. Some are entirely free to obtain and use.

The Onion Router (TOR)


Like VPNs, TOR ensures you remain anonymous. However, TOR is a more advanced and secure method. TOR works by heaping layers upon layers of encryption on your connection hence the name “onion router.”

TOR offers you guaranteed security and anonymity. This is achieved by being an open-source software.  Furthermore, being an open-source software is checked and tested daily.

However, you don’t need to be a computer guru for you to access TOR. There are numerous methods of installing the software on your computer. You can acquire it from their official website, but the simplest way is to get the plug-in for the Firefox browser.

The main drawback of using TOR is its speed. However, due to the many layers of encryption, it tends to minimize the rate. In addition, TOR will affect your gaming experience, especially for live betting.



The online casino has been on a steep rise as time flies by. This has raised concern in numerous countries. Moreover, it has birthed close monitoring of the sites altogether. If you happen to be a tourist in a restricted country, the options above will provide you with relief. Do not let your hobby be affected by your travels. The opportunities provided above will ensure you stay a law-abiding citizen of the host state.

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