Why You Should Consider a Unique Purple Casket for Your Unique Loved One

Having to arrange your loved one’s funeral is something that nobody wishes to do. On the other hand, it is inevitable, as it is the only way. It involves many decisions to make, including the funeral theme color. When it comes to choosing the casket, there is also a lot to consider. For your loved one, purple is the unique color to choose. Here are three reasons you would want to pick a special purple casket for your unique loved one.

Color of Royalty

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Many different cultures view it as a color of royalty. Some religions also place the same status on this tone. Queen Elizabeth and the Roman empires wore purple as a royal color, and commoners were not allowed to wear it. It is a non-existent color, as it is a mixture of different shades.

Priests, during mass, wear purple robes on special occasions. Therefore, choosing a purple casket for your loved ones is like giving them a noble sendoff. It is a sign of honor to them. Also, different shades of this tone represent different levels, and a dark shade is for people who value wealth and luxury. A light lavender purple is ladylike and lonely.

So, if your loved one wanted a purple casket, all other concerns should be put aside. You can click here to buy online.

Culture and the Color Purple

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Different cultures have different beliefs about this tone. In western culture, it is the shade of royalty, fame, and power. Some parts of Europe believe that it is a color of death. To most Asians, it is the shade of nobility. Thailand takes this to be the color of mourning. In America, it symbolizes death and mourning, while in Africa, it symbolizes wealth and fame.

Considering all the different cultures, you will find out that it is indeed a unique one. Choosing a purple casket for your family or friend will be a wise choice from whichever culture. In some cultures, the tone has a rather unique meaning. It’s used to represent spiritual awareness, physical and mental health. On that, getting a casket with this tone for your loved one helps you recover faster from the loss. It is an unusual color, used for amazing people.

Psychology and Purple Color

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Another fantastic fact about this tone is the psychological view. It does not exist and combines different colors, including red, blue, and orange. According to psychologists, it is also a unique combination. The power, strength, and energy of red mixed with the integrity and truth of blue give rise to the striking color purple.

It is the color used by people who wish to connect with the higher realm, the universe, and beyond. It has a connection with spiritual awareness. For this reason, it is used by spiritual vacationists, meditation, and people who seek the higher truth. Therefore, choosing a unique casket with this tone to give your loved one a sendoff will be a good decision.

The kind of sendoff you give to your loved one will leave a mark on you, either a feeling of satisfaction or that of failure. According to many cultures and spiritual beliefs, a proper sendoff leaves a satisfying feeling, and your unique loved one will be honored. Choose a unique purple casket to make this mark.

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