How to Write a Paper in APA Format: A Step-by-Step Guide?

The learning process is exciting and causes a lot of stress and trouble. Every piece of writing is unique in its own fashion. It has a lot of similarities and different demands, and the purpose is always something new and unique. The main problem is inserting citations and setting up the title page correctly. They ought to follow strict rules with margins, fonts, etc.

Many of them look for help on the Internet. They ask – Who can write a paper for me and format it according to APA? This is one of the most popular academic writing formats in all high schools, colleges, and universities in the USA.

Inventive students are aware of custom writing services and the multiple learning benefits. If you find a credible online service, you will surely find a qualified expert who can format your essays or other pieces of writing according to your needs. You will not even pay a lot for this kind of academic support.

Of course, you can go a different way. You can try to cope with this vital writing stage on your own. Our guide provides the necessary clues for all learners. Be attentive and try to keep in mind all the tips and recommendations.

Check the Guidelines


First of all, you need to check the main rules for APA. However, you do not have to do in-depth research on this matter. All the requirements for the APA format can be quickly checked on the Internet. You may also look for the latest editions and changes if they take place.

Different formats have different demands. If you mess up, you will be deprived of vital grades. It is also useful to discuss uncertainties with your academic supervisor.

Basic Setup

Secondly, take a look at the basic rules. They will be applied in almost all parts of the text. These are:

  • Margins. Use 1-in. margins on all sides – top, bottom, left, and right.
  • Font. Be sure you use the right font for your paper. It may be 11-point Arial, 12-point Times New Roman, etc. Study this case to know all allowed fonts.
  • Line spacing. The whole paper must be double-spaced. This rule is applied to the block citations and reference list.
  • Paragraph alignment and indentation. The left margin is a must for your text. Be sure the right one is ragged. The first line of every paragraph should be 0.5-in. This function can be quickly fulfilled by pressing “Tab” on your qwerty.
  • Page numbers. All page numbers must appear on the top of every page. For example, your title page is number one! When you type on your laptop or PC, you can use the automatic numbering of pages. Simply be sure it enumerates them at the top of every page.

Title Page


Your title page has certain rules to follow. First, it represents the general information about your project. Here are the main details to include:

  • The title of the project.
  • Name of all authors.
  • Affiliation for all authors.
  • Course number and name.
  • The name of your academic supervisor.
  • The date of writing.

Pay attention to the number of authors. If it has 2 authors, separate them with the word “and.” If it has 3 or more authors, separate them with a comma, and place “and” before the last one. Here how it looks like: 1st author, 2nd author, 3rd author, and 4th author.

Align your title page in the center. It should not be the left alignment that stands for the text. Be sure not to mess up these parts. The spacing and font are the same as the rest of the text. The name of your project must be bold.

Text Setup


When it comes to the text, everything is quite simple. Make allowance for the following instructions:

  • The spacing is double-spaced, and the entire text is aligned to the left.
  • Only the title of the project must be centered.
  • It should also be aligned to the left and double-spaced when you insert a citation.
  • The font is the same for the whole text.
  • You can use italics when you want to underline something vital or uncommon in your research.

Tables and Figures

There are a few plain rules for tables and figures. If you insert tables, they should include:

  • Number.
  • Title.
  • Body (rows and columns).
  • Note (this element is optional).

When it comes to figures, add:

  • Number.
  • Title.
  • Image (chart, diagram, graph, etc.).
  • Note (this element is optional).

The spacing is double-spaced, and the alignment is left-sided. The table and figure numbers should be bold.

Use Smart Citation Machines


To be sure you have done everything correctly, make use of technology. There are special citation generators. Their principle is very simple. You are to mention the citation, its author, and where and when it was published. The smart machine will show you the correct variant. It saves heaps of precious time!

Consider Custom Writing Help


Finally, you may verify the format via custom writing services. They have experienced writers and editors. They surely know how to insert citations, make reference lists, set the title page, and structure the entire text according to all popular formats. APA is only one out of many. You may also count on:

  • MLA;
  • Chicago;
  • Turabian;
  • Harvard;
  • Vancouver;
  • AMA;
  • ASA, etc.

It doesn’t cost much and can be completed very fast.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the process of formatting your papers according to APA is standard. All the rules are unchanged, and you simply need to follow them. In addition, using our smart tips will ensure you have inserted all the citations and prepared the title list properly and fast. Thus, you will avoid the possible loss of grades.

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