What Are Preload Pumps and How Do They Work – 2024 Guide

The history of car development, in the broadest sense, begins with the first effort of people to make a vehicle that will only move, without the use of human or animal power, and in a narrower sense, the history of cars begins with the construction of the first internal combustion engines. the forerunner of today’s modern automobile engines.

A basic prerequisite for the efficient operation of an internal combustion engine is that the injection system is constantly supplied with a sufficient amount of fuel. This important task in every car is performed by the fuel pump, which performs its work in combination with the tank and fuel filter. If we say that the engine is the heart of every car, then the fuel pump is at least an atrium, which speaks volumes about how important a fuel pump is in every car.

What is important to point out at the beginning is that, if this part needs to be replaced, you always take the original.


The fuel pump is part of the fuel supply system, which also consists of the fuel tank, fuel line, fuel purifier, carburetor or fuel injectors, air purifier, and intake manifold. The fuel supply system has a very complex task and that is why all its components must adequately do their job. Simply put, the task of the pump is to run the fuel through the pipes, that is, to deliver it from the tank to the engine.

There are Haldex Vorladepumpe outside the tank and those that are immersed in the tank, and today’s, newer cars most often have exactly the same fuel pump that is immersed in the tank.

For the pump to work properly, it is necessary to regularly change the fuel filter, whose task is to protect the pump by removing impurities from the fuel. The most common sign that the pump is not working is when the car cannot start at all.


The task of the pump is to bring fuel from a lower point, from the tank to the system for creating a fuel mixture (carburetor or injection system). The pump drive can be mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic.

The purpose of the fuel supply system is to introduce a mixture of petrol and air in the appropriate proportions into the engine. This mixture turns into a fine mist in the carburetor before it reaches the intake manifold of the engine and finally the combustion chambers.

As we have already said, the task of the fuel pump is to always provide a sufficient amount of fuel in the injection system. Regardless of whether the pumps are immersed in the tank or those outside it, the fuel delivery always takes place under very high pressure. For this reason, it is very important that, in the event of a fault, only those high-quality fuel pumps are installed.

Final thoughts

The most important factor when choosing a vehicle is the performance of the engine. They differ greatly concerning the injection systems installed in internal combustion engines.

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