How Beneficial Is a Turnkey Integration in the Casino Industry

Successful creation of a gambling project results in a profitable gaming platform in case of an adequate configuration process. To ensure the smooth advancement of a portal with top-rated online gambling software, substantial experience and knowledge in the sphere are required. Can a novice entrepreneur grant this? It turns out they can.

While an individual elaboration of an online casino is a lengthy process even for an established market participant, it is possible to get aid from an expert guide company.

The Casino Market team presents a turnkey gambling solution — a type of business configuration from specialists of the niche.

What Is a Ready-Made Project?


Being able to move all responsibilities for the organization of a business to experts ensures a flawless casino setup. This is what a turnkey solution is about — staying in charge of the platform without risking its wholesome development.

To begin the elaboration process, an entrepreneur needs to find an established aggregator company and inquire about its possibility to order a ready-made project. Upon agreeing on details, a future operator suggests development ideas and monitors the configuration process of the casino.

The core advantage of a turnkey setup is complete reliability in a rewarding result — a profitable gambling platform. Moreover, the development team looks up to the latest trends and intricacies of the industry to ensure the final project corresponds to the standards of the sphere and resorts to major innovations to appeal to the audience.

What Is Included in the Ready-Made Portal?

The creation of a gaming site is a complex procedure that comprises several milestones. A perfect elaboration of each stage guarantees a cherished outcome — a functional casino platform. Considering that all processes are carried out by expert system engineers, programmers, and designers, the result usually exceeds all expectations.

A turnkey advancement comprises the following steps:

1. Formation of a business plan


The start of any project requires a documental assurance of its reliability. Juridical experts of an aggregator will help shape a business plan according to the regulations of the target territory and with consideration of the entrepreneur’s suggestions.

2. Development of a site

Gaming portals are the main source of customer acquisition for casino brands. Proficient designers analyze the area of operation, study the latest trends, and develop the embellishment for the portal. Besides, their responsibilities also include the insurance of structural integrity and reliability of the interface.

3. Software installation

A gambling project begins to shape up when the finest games and corresponding administrative tools appear on the site. The developers of an aggregator cooperate with the top-ranked software providers to integrate matching games and helpful tools into the platform.

4. Brand licensing


It is illegal for a gambling company to function without a dedicated permit. Depending on the country of targeting, an entrepreneur has to obtain the license that grants official working acceptance. The juridical department of an aggregator also takes care of this step, keeping in mind the area and budget.

5. Payment gateways

The depositing and withdrawal convenience is decisive when it comes to a wholesome user experience. Punters must be able to replenish their accounts with the most popular means available in their countries. So, the developers at an aggregator company ensure the installation of those APIs on the platform.

Eventually, a gambling manager obtains a fully functional casino, ready to host punters in the selected territory. Considering its full legality, the brand will not have any problems with the law as long as it sticks to the regulative measures of the country of operation.

What Other Advantages Does a Turnkey Setup Have?


A reliable guarantee of an effective product at the end of the elaboration is a primary benefit an entrepreneur receives from the solution. At the same time, there are still a bunch of additional advantages that come with aggregator cooperation.

How beneficial a turnkey casino platform is:

    • Due to expert development, the completion period of the project is 8 weeks on average.
    • The payoff of the ready-made platform varies around 3–6 months depending on the audience.
    • Professional assistance does not end after the elaboration, meaning an operator receives aid even when the portal has been launched.
    • The aggregator’s partnership with the top-tier providers ensures the installation of the highest quality software.
    • The resources necessary for the creation of an online casino under such conditions are lower than during an individual elaboration.
    • Innovative technologies are used during the setup process, making the site an up-to-date platform for the maximum appeal of users.
    • Individual brand elaboration implies that an operator receives not just a site but an entirely new company to become in charge of.

A turnkey launch is a quick and efficient way of joining the online casino industry and turning into a renowned operator of a popular brand.

What Aggregator Deserves Particular Attention?

Finding a reliable service provider usually makes a difference between just a good product and an immaculate elaboration. In this case, reputation can tell a lot about a participant in the industry.

Casino Market is a long-standing aggregator organization, offering a wide range of gambling-related possibilities.

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