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MartinLogan Motion SLM Hi-Performance Flat Panel LCR Speaker – 2024 Review

MartinLogan Motion SLM Hi-Performance Flat Panel LCR Speaker

MartinLogan Motion SLM review

If you’ve come across this review, it’s highly likely you’re actively searching for information on the MartinLogan Motions to justify buying them. I advise you to end your search right now, put your hand in your pocket, and buy them at the next opportunity, See price on amazon. These speakers are nothing short of amazing, and they are likely to be one of the best investments you ever make. If you’re interested in other floor standing speakers see our buyers guide here. If you unpack the speakers, set them up and then feel slightly disappointed with the sound quality, you won’t be the first. You may find yourself shaking your head at the low bass and questioning the output equality between the right and left speakers. But here’s the thing: these speakers get better with use, quite literally. When I first got my hands on them, I repeatedly played the same track and found myself more and more impressed with each play. They come with a suggested period of burn in. I am currently at around 20%, and the sound is pretty fantastic. I am looking forward to hearing these beauties when they are fully burned in. MartinLogan Motion SLM Hi-Performance Flat Panel LCR Speaker – Gloss Black – Each The bass on offer from the MartinLogans is extremely well defined and comes into its own with jazz and vocal tracks. You may wish to invest in an additional sub; however, I advise you to purchase the MartinLoganss and give them time to burn in before you decide whether you need to dole out any more cash.

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