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How to Install Bluetooth in a Car Stereo System – 2024 Step-by-Step Guide

Most of the driver now have smartphones, tablet, and other Bluetooth devices. This product is for those the people who have the older version car and want to connect Bluetooth for music and phone call without any hassle. So they want to connect their device to the car audio system.

New cars come with Bluetooth audio capability. If your older car doesn’t have it, you can install it yourself easily. You have the option to add a Bluetooth audio system in your car. You can put a wireless audio in your car without changing the sound system. You can also take phone calls. You may also be interested in our page that reviews the best car speakers by speakerxpert.

Which Type You Should Select

For set up Bluetooth in car stereo system you have two option for taking power. One is in your car accessory power outlet, and other is regularly rechargeable and this one you can select because it is portable and relatively hassle free. It is also cheap and easy to use.

You can also add a USB car charger into the power source. YOU can keep the Bluetooth adapter plugged in at all times. You can keep a charger in the car and can recharge the Bluetooth adapter when needed. You can also recharge your device from the same power source.

How do I get my car radio code online?

In order to unlock a car radio, a few years ago, you had to make an appointment at a dealership, wait for the scheduled day, and travel to your business to get help. This was time consuming and costly in terms of travel and labor. Fortunately, today it is possible to quickly unlock your car radio without having to travel.

All you need to do is to visit a specialized platform and you will get your online radio code in a few minutes. On such a site, professionals are always available to answer your questions and unlock your device. To get this precious code, you need to fill in some information on the platform.

These are: the device number of your radio, the serial number of your device (it can be found on the front of the device, on the case or on a label on the back of the device) or the VIN according to the search methods of the site. Afterwards, your code will be sent to you by email or SMS.

You just have to enter these numbers on the keyboard of your equipment following the order that was given to you. However, it should be noted that the steps to follow may vary depending on the brand of the radio. In order not to be mistaken, it is therefore advisable to consult the brand pages of your device.


Required Equipment and Tools

A BT receiver with an auxiliary audio output, a BT receiver with an FM transmitter, or a Bluetooth speaker device, these three options are the primary requirement for install Bluetooth in a car stereo system.

Then you also have to need these following things

1. Zip Ties 2. Bluetooth A2DP Adapter 3. Audio Input Cable 4. Wired FM Modulator 5. USB Car-Charger Adapter 6. Splice Connectors 7. Screwdrivers, wrenches 8. Voltmeter/12-volt circuit tester 9. Wire strippers

Way to Install Bluetooth

It’s an easy process. You have to take your interior apart and to work under the dashboard.

1. Remove the Radio

This may require some stereo removal tool. At first, you need to remove the car radio. Do it carefully because you have to fix it again in right way.


2. Connect the Modulator

you have to remove the antenna cable. And plug the wired FM modulator into the antenna connection on the radio, and the antenna cable into the FM modulator. You may also need an antenna connector adapter. If the FM modulator has a frequency selector, choose the frequency with the least interference in your area.

3. Find Power

The power system must be Use a circuit tester to look for a wire that has juice when the ignition switch is on or accessory position and is dead when the key is turned off. For this type of task, the radio circuit can be your best choice.

4. Connect Power

By using splice connectors, attach the wire from the power button that came with the FM modulator to the power source. If the modulator doesn’t have an inline fuse, you have to add one to the positive wire. Set up the FM modulator’s power button in a suitable location, near the radio or center console.

5. Tidying Up

The RCA connectors have to plug in with audio input cable into the FM modulator. Keep it in a hidden location like console panel, glove box. The FM modulator has to be secured with zipping ties. Tie the loose wire with zip ties softly. Otherwise, it can be crimped.

6. Test the Audio

turn the car on and power up the FM modulator and connect an audio device to the plug, tune the radio to the frequency if you are getting the high-quality signal then its okay.

7. Add Bluetooth

first, remove the test connector. Then pair your Bluetooth adapter with a smartphone, tablet or with an MP3 player. Connect the plug to the Bluetooth adapter. Now you should be able to enjoy your audio system.

8. Replace Trim

Now put all the things together that you remove from the dashboard. Your stereo system is ready for use now.

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