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How to get the 5 best Biomutant weapons fast

Biomutant is an RPG with a heavy emphasis on melee combat and combat with weapons. All weapons break after use which makes it an interesting choice for those who want a more realistic experience. We have created a list of our top 5 Biomutant weapons, and we will give you a special discount if you purchase all 5 of them in a bundle!

In the past Biomutant has been a game with a lot of weapons, with a lot of weapons and more weapons. So many, that you can’t even see them all in the screenshot. This is not a bad thing, just a feature of the past, because the current version of Biomutant comes with a lot of weapons and, well, a lot of weapons. We can’t list them all here, but we can try to give some tips that will help you get the 5 best weapons fast.

If you want to get your hands on the best Biomutant weapon fast, then you are in the right place. In this guide, I will show you exactly what you need to do to become the proud owner of some of the best and most useful weapons in Biomutant.

Shrik Gongmas

The first in this biomutant guide is Srik Gongmace – if you currently have a melee tank, get Srik Gongmace as soon as possible. His attacks are slow due to the weight of his weapon, but his damage is immense. You also have the Cold Damage skill, which eventually freezes an enemy so they can’t move, and a special Strike Weapon skill, which knocks small enemies to the ground. These two features make the Srik Gongmace a great weapon for crowd control.

Where to get Shrieka gongmus

Srik Gongmas is located in one of the old warehouses of the Chugepot fortress. When you reach the vault, you will find a mini-boss, Chug Svolvaft, guarding the vault. You must defeat him to get the key to the Chug’s safe. With the key in hand, a side quest is activated that leads you to the entrance of the chest. There will be a wall in the way, and you can hit it or go around it. You’ll soon meet a robot enemy: Tinkan Tafo. You don’t have to fight him, you just have to dodge his laser attacks. When you get to the vault, Srik Gongmace will be waiting for you. Image by THQ Nordic word-image-3862

Murgle Sword

Slasher, this film is for you. Pri-Murgel’s sword is a two-handed throwing weapon that deals heat damage, with two expansion slots and a 6% critical strike chance. It also has high damage!

How do I get the Pri Murgel sword

To get your hands on this Biomutant weapon quickly, first go through the main quest line until you get the Googlide water holder. Once you obtain this mount, you must go to the large island with the giant lighthouse east of the Domp outpost and begin the Enlightenment quest by talking to an NPC named Mui. The task is very simple: You need to find Lumentator, activate Lumen, then follow the light and explore the cave. If you touch the walls in the correct order, you will find Pri-Murgel’s sword buried in the ground. Image by THQ Nordic word-image-3865

Hyprozapper Ozarchipro

The Ozarhypro hyprozapper may have a silly, hard-to-pronounce name, but it’s deadly. This is an automatic rifle that does 156-256 points of damage, has excellent accuracy and range, and a 5% chance of critical impact.

How to get the Ozarchiprohyprozapper

First of all, you need to go to Sludgegush Fields and kill the boss named Emergent Bulgtusk to get the key to the chest. Once you have the key in your hands, go into the vault of discomfort. Watch out for the tinkan tafo standing guard. Inside the chest is an empty room where the Ozarchipro Hyprozapper is waiting for its new owner. Image by THQ Nordic word-image-3866

Contagion Flurpskruckis

Another weapon that you might want to have quickly in Biomutant is Contagio Flurpskruckis. This weapon inflicts biological damage with a value between 391 and 521. It is also very accurate.

How contagious is Flerpskrut

To obtain this amazing, unpronounceable weapon, you must complete the Smoke Foundry Chest side quest by going to the Smoke Foundry in Sector 11G and defeating Farty Bulbaplod. As a reward for killing the boss you will receive a key with which you can start the Smoke Foundry chest quest, which will lead you directly to the Zaraza of Flurpskruki. Image by THQ Nordic word-image-3869

Sparkatron Hypikskromp

If you like weapons, then you should definitely get a Sparkatron Hypicskromp! This amazing rifle has a 6% critical chance, as well as a Momentum special weapon skill that increases the rate of fire by 10% with each shot.

Where to get Sparkatron Hypikskromp

As with the Biomutant weapon, in order to get the Hypikskromp Sparkatron quickly, you must defeat the final boss and pick up the key. This time you’ll have to travel to the suburbs and take on the mighty Schacky TrunkGnut, a charming boss who looks like an elephant. After he dies, he’ll drop the key to the Suburbia vault. With the key in your inventory, follow the instructions of the newly activated quest to the vault, where you will find this very rare weapon. Image by THQ Nordic word-image-3871 There are many other interesting options, such as the Ankati bow, but these are endgame items, and you need to make significant progress in the main quest to get them. So for now, this is the best Biomutant weapon you can get early and fast to get through most of the game.

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