How Often Should Your Business Hire Pest Control Services

Any business could suffer extreme damage due to a possible pest infestation. Be it a software company, food factory, or a hospital, even the presence of just a single rat might result in severe destruction to your business which can be impossible to recover. Pest infestations can lead to terrible effects on earnings and expenses.

The pest infestation can cause damage to the building and destroy the costly business equipment. To repair that, you must spend a hefty amount of money. To avoid these awful consequences, you should hire a commercial pest control company to give rapid solutions to control the pest infestation in your company.

How Often Does Your Business Need To Hire Pest Control Services?



Now, you know that it is crucial to choose commercial pest control services to curb the pest infestation in your business. So, have you ever wondered how often you should hire pest control services?

For general pests such as ants and cockroaches, it is best to have a pest control check-up once a month in the initial stages. After a few months of getting pest control treatment to your business, you can reduce the pest control treatment to once in two or three months.

Typical pest infestations, including rats, roaches, spiders, fleas, silverfish, and earwigs, will mostly need quarterly pest control services. It is because pest control tends to become weak after some months. However, if the infestation is high and present over a large area, it is better to get pest control every two months.

Based on the surrounding weather and the breeding season, a few kinds of pests are more likely to invade your business at a specific time of the year. For those seasonal pests, it is better to get regular check-ups throughout the season.

To be exact, the total times you need to receive a pest control solution generally differs depending on the infestation’s type and severity. Sometimes, your business would need monthly pest control, while other times, it could be quarterly or yearly.

Do Newly Built Businesses Need Pest Control?


Yes, here are some of the reasons why new companies require pest control treatment:

  • If the newly built business building contains cracks or holes across the foundation, pests will enter.
  • During the construction procedure, the building is exposed to the environment, which provides quick entry for the pests to infiltrate your company.
  • Several construction materials utilized for building your business are often kept in clear and moist places so a few pests might enter into the construction substances.
  • While watering the building, many insects might arrive because they like to live in high moisture places.
  • If your business is constructed in places where there used to be heavy grass, trees, dirt, the chances of pests entering the building is very high.
  • Excess wood chunks kept in the ground floor or basement will bring termites.
  • Batches of sawdust residue near the walls can thrive mold, and several pests will come to eat the mildew.

Final Word


Pest infestation leads to severe damage. Just like that, not hiring pest control services from time to time or poor pest control standards will result in hopeless destruction. Thus, it is crucial to regularly choose highly skilled and experienced professionals to clean and control the pest.

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