6 Factors to Consider Before Buying Your New Kia Cerato

All Australians are familiar with the brand name of Kia and what it has to offer. Not only is the manufacturer popular down under, but it is also one of the highest retailing brands within Australia. Kia’s Cerato is a popular option with users today because it packs a number of amazing features and designs in one place for users to enjoy.

When it comes to functionality and price, nothing comes close to beating the Cerato. The Cerato ranks well above other sedans in the Australian market due to its value for money, beating the likes of the Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic, and Honda City. The car also ranks well as far as functions and performance are concerned. There is no catching up with the Cerato, knowing the innovation it packs under the hood and the power it provides in the interior.

All users looking to buy a Kia Cerato as their next vehicle of choice would want to know the key features that make this vehicle popular and add to the design on offer. The vehicle stands out due to its styling and amazing features. You can check out on the prices and specs of Kia Cerato to find out more about the sedan.

In this article, we look at some of the key factors you should consider before buying a Kia Cerato in the market. This article includes some of the key features inside the car and the reason why this sedan is meant for all.

1. Amazing Styling


The Kia Cerato is an absolute delight to ride when it comes to styling and exterior appearance. The sedan comes with sleek headlamps that are further heightened with HID projection. Besides the HID lighting upfront, the backend of the vehicle also comes with amazing LED lights that run across the entire trunk lid, giving an amazing and innovative design. The design extends the boundaries of styling within sedans and gives you something that people haven’t seen on the roads before.

The exterior styling is further improved with the front grille. The front grille features an expansive design, which is an upgrade over other models launched by Kia for the Cerato. The air intake grille also features a slim look and is slightly changed from previous versions.

The fog lamps feature a lower bumper lip and come with a contemporary style for better coverage. Besides the exterior body shape, the Cerato also features impressive tires with 17-inch alloy wheels. The alloy wheels have a shiny silvery look to them, which gives a fun and sporty look to the sedan.

2. Comfort on the Roads


Kia’s Cerato hypnotizes users with exceptional comfort behind the wheels. The interior is top-notch and ranks well as far as innovation is concerned. The climate control system in the Kia Cerato is well above other brands in the market and has you covered during both summers and winters.

The dual-zone technology within the climate control system is a recent innovation with car manufacturers and maintains the right temperature inside the vehicle. Additionally, the Cerato also comes with a well heated and regulated steering wheel, which can assist drivers driving through the cold of the winter season.

The steering warmer is further complemented with seat warmers, which make sitting inside the vehicle extremely warm and comfortable. The driver’s seat comes packed with appropriate ventilation and can give drivers the ability to maintain ventilation inside their vehicle. The ventilation ensures that temperatures inside the vehicle do not rise as drastically as you might expect them to.

3. A Dashboard that Sparks Interest

The Kia Cerato sparks interest and gathers attention through its futuristic dashboard as well. The dashboard for the Kia Cerato follows all new principles to offer an attractive look on the road. Perhaps the most attractive part about the dashboard is that everything is perfectly aligned together in it.

All notches sit well and go together with the center console. The analogue dials and the digital display create a good combo and give you the kind of ease you require while updating the entertainment system or just managing the climate control.

Kia is usually innovative with their gear stick, and they have followed the same innovation here as well. The gear stick inside the Kia Cerato comes with excellent finishing and is made of the finest materials. The air condition vents also feature new sheets made out of carbon fibre to ensure good cooling.

4. Good on Security and Safety


The Cerato is also one of the most improved cars in the market when it comes to security and safety on the roads. The Kia Cerato comes with an exceptional cabin, which is fully equipped with all safety and security features that you desire on the road.

The Kia Cerato features over six airbags in the vehicle to make sure that all corners are covered and there are no chances of unnecessary injury. The airbags pop into action whenever the need be and ensure that all passengers, including the driver, are protected.

Drivers find it easy to operate and drive the Kia Cerato due to the accessibility present inside of it. The Hill-start Assist Controller goes well with the rear and front parking sensors to help users park their cars in ease. The Cerato also features an exemplary ESC sensor, which can help provide extra braking power when it comes to sudden stops and brakes.

5. Incredible Under the Hood

When it comes to performance and features under the hood, not many vehicles in this price range can match the performance provided by the Kia Cerato. The Kia Cerato is powered by 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre engines, based on the variant you buy for your car.

The engine is also fine-tuned to give an excellent performance on highways and on roads to give you good pick up. The 1.6 litre variant gives you some 157 Nm of torque, complemented by 130 PS of power, while the 2.0 litre variant gives you over 194 Nm of torque, coupled with some 161 PS of power. The engine reacts strongly to pushes on the pedal and gives you an almost immediate response.

6. Do Your Research


Finally, while buying a Kia Cerato, you should also do some research at your own end to make sure that the vehicle is the best fit for you and to find out the variant you should buy. You should know answers to the key questions that people face while buying a car:

  • What is the total budget you have for the purchase? How much money can you spend and is a Kia Cerato available to you in that budget?
  • What do you happen to like most about the Kia Cerato? Do you know the features in full, and do they excite you?
  • How much do you drive during a typical day? Is the Kia Cerato the right pick for your needs, and how much will it cost you?
  • Do you know the warranty being offered by the providers? Is the warranty period acceptable?

Answering the questions above and reviewing the information in this article will help you buy the right variant and know all you need to know about the Cerato. We hope the information was sufficient and you are now ready to buy your own Kia Cerato now.

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