Cricket Betting Industry in India: Betzillion’s Expert Analysis

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, with billions of fans across all corners of the globe. The sport’s popularity means there’s a thriving cricket betting industry in India, which is worth close to $2 billion annually. Betzillion is an Indian-based betting company that offers betting insights and data for cricket matches in India. In this blog post, we will discuss Betzillion’s expert analysis of the cricket betting industry in India and how you can benefit from it.

How Cricket Betting is Done in India?


Cricket betting in India is largely done through bookmakers, with the bulk of bets placed on individual matches. Bettors can place bets on any number of matches, with each match offering different odds and payouts. Cricket betting in India has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years, with punters making billions of rupees in wagers.

The Indian cricket betting market is dominated by two firms: Betzillion and Unibet. Both companies have strong relationships with the Indian cricket board (BCCI), which allows them to offer favorable odds and payouts to their customers. Betzillion website is the market leader.

Betting on cricket matches in India involves a variety of methods and strategies. Some bettors take a ‘shotgun’ approach, placing multiple small wagers on multiple matches at different prices to try and win back all their money if one or more of their bets fails. Others invest large sums of money into long-term bets on specific teams or players. Still others focus entirely on parlaying selections into winning combinations across multiple matches.

Betting on Cricket Matches


Catching is the simplest type of cricket bet, with bettors simply predicting which player will make the catch. If they are correct, they win money; if they are incorrect, they lose their initial stake but still get to watch the match as it progresses. This type of bet is particularly popular among amateur players who want to take part in a cricket match without risking too much money.

Another common strategy for bettors is parlaying selections into winning combinations. In this process, bettors select one team or player and then place multiple smaller bets on different parts of the game in order to build up a larger stake. For example, a bettor might place £10 on each individual over-run and catch prediction, in addition to their overall over-run bet. If all six predictions go correctly, the player would earn £60 back – which would be more than enough to cover their initial investment!


Cricket betting is one of the most popular sports in India, with millions of people following the game on a regular basis. The industry is growing rapidly and new operators are entering the market all the time. This makes it difficult to keep track of all the latest cricket betting news, so we have reached out to Betzillion – one of India’s leading cricket gambling experts – for his insights into what to expect in this sector over the next few years.

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