Ways to Expand Your Computer’s Permanent Memory

Many people today work at the computer every day. Some use the computer not only for work but also for entertainment – for example, they make bets using sportsbook Canada. In the process of working at the computer, a huge number of documents accumulate, which take up memory on the hard disk. As a result, the computer starts to work more slowly, and may even break down. To prevent this from happening, you need to clean your computer memory in a timely manner and free up space on your hard drive. In this article, we will talk about the most affordable ways to deduct computer memory at home.

Why increase space on your computer?


Sooner or later, many computer users have a situation where the free space on the computer suddenly runs out and it becomes impossible to save data on it that is necessary at that particular moment in time. As a result, there is a need to increase free space on the computer’s hard drive, and urgently.

Here are some ways to free up space:

Disk compression

Using Windows tools, you can compress a drive with the NTFS file system. It is possible to get some extra free space. The downside here is that the computer after compression will work much slower.

Cloud storage

There are many services that provide the service of storing files on remote servers. By installing a special program, you can work with the cloud in the same way as with a hard drive. The main thing is that the speed of the Internet allows it. Cloud services are paid and free – it all depends on the amount of volume provided.

Second hard drive


You can always install an additional HDD on a regular computer – connecting a disk is quite simple. With a laptop, it’s a little more complicated: the device does not always have a slot for a second drive. If the laptop has a DVD drive, then it is possible to install an HDD into it using a special adapter.

If for some reason it is not possible to install a second disk, then there is an option to purchase an external disk – the device is connected to USB and its functionality is no different from the built-in one. It’s a bad idea to use a flash drive as a disk – at any time all data can be lost.


External storage of multiple drives. Convenient if you have a lot of data and one storage device will not be enough. DAS is a box that has slots for drives, and it connects to a PC via a regular USB. Working with the DAS device is the same as with any disk.

In addition, the system already supports RAID technology: in case of damage to one disk, the data will remain on the other. It is suitable for ordinary users who operate with large amounts of data.



Technology for advanced users. It is a separate small server with several disks. It connects via a local network – here you are practically unlimited in speeds, everything rests on the performance of disks.

NAS has a lot of functionality. You can use the system as home storage for movies. It connects to the TV via DLNA or Wi-Fi.

The advantage of NAS is that you do not need to constantly connect the device to your computer: it works on a local network, and access is possible from all devices and from anywhere in the world. The vast majority of systems support various RAID modes.

Perhaps these are all ways to increase the memory in the computer. Then there are systems such as SAN (Storage Area Network) that are not suitable for the average home user.

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