Computer Games – Good Or Bad

The introduction of computer games into teenagers’ hobbies only distracts them from other leisure activities for a few weeks, and then most children return to their former hobbies. Quite the opposite of the generally accepted data was also obtained with regard to the social behavior of adolescents: computer gamers adapt in the company of peers more easily than the control group.

In addition, it was found that adolescents who spend their free time at the computer are generally more intelligent and goal-oriented than their peers, and they have a better assessment of their abilities and capabilities.

No serious mental disorders or symptoms of “computer” addiction have been found among “gamers,” although there are fans among them, just like among fans of other types of leisure activities, the number of which, however, does not exceed 10 – 12%. The problem of increased aggression also turned out to be largely far-fetched.

Today, by computer games we mean a very wide class of programs and technical means with many different possibilities: games “diagnostic” and “therapeutic” games, simulation games and educational games, and for each child must in each case choose those of them that can bring him maximum benefit.

Moreover, computer games can become a serious hobby for your child. And even become his profession in the future. Today cybersport is only gaining popularity and can rightfully claim the main prize of any award in the category “Discovery of the Year”.

Interest in computer games is steadily growing at an average of 23-25% per year. Even local tournaments are ready to compete in ratings with classic sports competitions. Not to mention international Dota 2 and CS:GO championships. Matches and tournaments are held almost every year.

CS:GO is a team game. There are two sides (attacking and defending). Each team has 5 players, each with a different function. The game lasts 30 rounds. It is enough to win 16 rounds on the map to win. Every 15 rounds, players change sides. Thus, in CS:GO you can play as the attacking side, as well as the defensive. By the way, it is much more interesting to play with cases, you can open them here

First run of the game


You’ve finally installed CS:GO. The first thing you’ll need is a mouse, a keyboard, and a basic knowledge of the game. Let’s go over the theory a little bit.

The mouse is the main weapon in the gamer’s hands. You’ll use the mouse to control your aiming in the game. The better your settings, the better your chances to win the shootout.

Keyboard is another weapon of gamer. Using it you will move in the game.

Sound is your ears. Without sound you won’t hear your opponents’ movements, acting only by eye. In a game without sound it will be very difficult to win. Do not underestimate the sound, because it can give away the enemy’s location, giving life to you or the whole team, for example, when you hear how many enemies are running to a particular point. Choose a range that is comfortable for your ears, at which you can still clearly distinguish the enemy’s footsteps.

Note that you can hear any gunfire on the map. This gives you the opportunity to adjust to the enemies in one situation or another.

Depending on the side, players are offered different choices of behavior. The attacker must place a bomb in one of the C4 points. There are a total of two such points on the map. The defense side is designed to prevent the placement of the bomb.

CS:GO map control


Another important aspect that goes along with a well-coordinated game of the whole team. It is not possible without team communication, as well as knowledge of the points on the map.

Map control in CS:GO resembles macro control in Dota 2. That is, it is a tactical aspect of the game, which involves competent movement on the map, tracking the appropriate movement of the enemy, team actions to capture / defend points, etc.

Do not forget about the possibility of controlling the movement of enemies after death. When you die, it takes a few seconds for the screen to switch to your teammate. In those few seconds the game gives you, you can understand the direction of your opponents’ movements and give valuable information to your team.

The game can be completely unpredictable in terms of tactics. To better understand how to control the map, we recommend watching the actions of professional players.

Choice of Weapons


Weapons play an extremely important role in the game. It is with them that you will fight your enemies. Pay attention that the choice of weapon in the game directly depends on the economy. If you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal, it is better to choose an economical projectile. Another thing is if your opponents are in a similar economic situation. Then it is worth to make a power round.

Also the choice of weapon depends on the style of game (for example some people like to wagering with AWP, and some like to wagering with AK-47), rounds, intentions and tactics. For example, in rounds 1 and 16 you are encouraged to play exclusively with pistols. That is, you physically can not buy other weapons

All weapons in CS: GO, grenades and other devices are divided into 5 groups:

  1. The first slot is for basic weapons: assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles and conventional machine guns;.
  2. The second slot is reserved for pistols;
  3. the third slot is reserved for knife and Zeus x27;
  4. The fourth slot is for storing grenades. A total of 4 grenades can be bought per round;
  5. The fifth slot is for a bomb (only for terrorists).

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