How Do I Choose My Dream Home?

Before you choose your dream home, you need to know what it should look like inside and out, and what  should be around it. You also need to choose where you want to live. Maybe in the middle of a big city, or somewhere in the suburbs, or even closer to nature.

Do you want to have a large plot of land next to your home to grow delicious fruits and vegetables on? All of this, and more, you need to think hard about.

To figure out which house is closer to your heart, you need to fill your head with pictures of houses, or really go and see in different places what houses people have. And being on such a search, sooner or later you will find the house that makes your soul glow.

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And then you should definitely not hesitate to start looking for the same house to buy. Or you can find your own place where you can build the house of your dreams with your own hands. Or you can order the construction of a private home from some organization. In general, there are a lot of options to get the house you want. Take advantage of the most suitable for you.

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When choosing a house, you can rely on certain criteria

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The material from which the house is made. It can be brick, concrete, wood or other material. Each material has its pros and cons. Brick homes are stronger and more durable.

Wooden homes are less durable than brick homes, but they stay warm longer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And another plus of wooden houses is that they breathe.

The appearance of the house, the number of rooms, the number of floors. Maybe you need a beautiful, some kind of original design of the house. With this, too, need to decide. You can choose a one- or two-story house or a house that has several rooms on the roof.

Whether there is a garage. After all, you may have a car (or several cars) that needs somewhere to be parked. For those who like to take a steam bath, it’s important to have a bathhouse. Although if there is enough of your territory next to the house, you can build a bathhouse yourself.

Infrastructure of the area. Is there a school, clubhouse or other institutions you need nearby? How far to the nearest bus stop and other questions.

Choose the house you want!

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The secret is to have an idea in your head of what your dream home should look like. How it should look from the inside, what it should have inside (how many rooms, floors, whether there is a garage and so on). Imagine that you already have such a house and live in it.

With such a representation you increase the likelihood that the house of your dreams will come your way and you can buy it. This imagining and replaying the house situation in your head every day, with the feelings you have when you imagine being inside a house, all attracts such a house into your life! If you believe in this technique, you can use it. If you don’t believe, don’t even try it or waste your time.

Imagine your home and follow your desires

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Imagine your perfect weekend or evening out of town after work. What would you do? How would your pastime be different from city life? For example, in the summer you would walk with your family along the river, and then take a steam bath, or pick fragrant apples right from the tree?

And in winter – to play snowballs with the kids or train the dog on the playground near the house, spend the evening with a book by the fireplace or cook duck in the oven?

Try to be closer to reality: won’t your evening be spoiled by an hour of standing in traffic on the highway outside the city? Would you want to tend your garden if you were tired (it might be more rational to buy berries and fruit from your neighbors and to plant your own garden with lawn grass or flowers)?

Make a list: what will really energize you, and what can become an annoying duty, which is better to get rid of at the planning stage.

House or apartment?

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More often than not, buyers of plots for the construction of a house are family people. Over the past ten years, there has been a steady trend of returning to their traditions, which is unthinkable without creating a family homestead or just their own house, which will be inherited by grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

There are those who sever ties with the city, but often people are not ready for that, so they choose to live in the city or in the suburbs.

At some point, a family with children realizes that an apartment in a five-story panel building or even in a business-class house with new renovations has a number of serious drawbacks. These are different – and not always pleasant in behavior – neighbors, it noise from the street, dirty air, high utility bills, lack of nature, constant problems with parking, poor noise insulation. And much more.

Of course, it is naïve to believe that life in a private home does not involve any difficulties. First of all, the house should always watch himself, to complain to the management company will not work.

But the advantages of living in your own house are obvious: independence from the neighbors, your own territory, fresh air, a garden, a place for children to play, for parking cars and bicycles.

You can have any kind of pet, grow vegetables, flowers and fruits in the garden and vegetable garden, to eat them in summer directly from the bed. You are also more independent of utilities if you have independent water and heating systems.

Assess your finances

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The next step is to assess your financial situation. How much can you spend to build a house and what kind of house do you want to build? If you need a small country house, that’s one expense and time frame. If you want to build a house for years to come, where your children and grandchildren will live, you will need several times more money.

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