Altcoins That Have The Most Potential In 2024

The cryptocurrency markets have shown the most recommendable growth in history. This has influenced the entire world in a significant way. It is seen that the graph of the cryptocurrency growth will go on until it reaches the all-time high price.

But there comes a minor issue: the price is exceptionally high for these cryptocurrencies. A small investor trying to invest has very little hope in investing in this high potential crypto.

So in this article, we will discuss cheaper crypto and their potential, which can display high skyrocketing in recent times.

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What are altcoins?


When bitcoins were first released in 2009, they were a completely new idea, and everyone was crazy about them, but it was not till late 2016 when people realized the potential of cryptocurrencies, and they came in high demand.

But once there was a hike in the price of bitcoins, it was a hard call to invest in another crypto because they were constrained and pretty expensive, like Ethereum.

So came the concept of altcoins which were the cheaper cryptocurrencies and were showing remarkable potential. They are like trim level stocks, and their price falls under $100 or nearly around.

So a question is surely going to make a place in mind: why are these cryptocurrencies so cheap while bitcoins are around 20 to 30 times their value. So the reason for the same is blockchain encryption and mining limits.

These altcoins do not have any mining limit, whereas when bitcoin was introduced, it was made clear that its algorithm allowed the mining of only a certain number of bitcoins. So when the supply was limited and demand was high, its price grew exponentially.

So further, we will discuss some altcoins which can be a more excellent alternative and of great use.

1. Dogecoin


The Dogecoin is a pretty standard crypto because of its meme value; the doge was a meme character circulated all across social media long before it came in as crypto.

This coin came into existence in 2013, and it got its immense growth just after a tweet from Elon Musk. Due to its social media presence, the news of dogecoin spread like wildfire and then Elon Musk mentioned it in his Twitter bio, and there was such a rapid rise visible.

Also, the known billionaire Mark Cuban supports Dogecoin as he finds it of great potential. The price of this crypto is affordable, and it has the highest potential. So if you are looking forward to investing, then this is a worthy choice.

2. Shiba Inu

Like Dogecoin, Shiba also finds its way into the market via social media presence and brand value. This coin was launched recently in August 2024, and with its release, the rise in its value was quite visible. For a week or two, there was average growth, and then it showed rapid growth exponentially.

Also, the Shibu coin exchange port allowed users to easily make payments via Shiba Inu, making it a crypto of the great potential that You can exchange for various payments.

3. Stellar


The term stellar is quite known in the technical world because it is the name of an organization that aims at developing advanced software and programs for users. Also, its cryptocurrency does not have the name Stellar, whereas it’s known as Lumen and is traded under the name XLM.

So if you want to search for its graphs and growth in past years, you will only get positive results because its growth is tremendous. It has shown such commendable growth for the past five years that it has made a place for itself in the most potential crypto. This is an excellent choice if you want to invest in a long term promising crypto because it shows the best and promising returns.

4. Polkadot

Among all in the list, this is the most practical and highly influential cryptocurrency which can show high returns in the coming future because it has a feature of para chains that allows blockchain level security. If it has to be said in layman terms, then it’s a crypto token that allows users to customize their blockchains with the same level of security.

This has opened its door for being the first customizable cryptocurrency, but it requires heavy resources to run these blockchain mining’s. This crypto has excellent value and potential for the future because it will allow the secure sharing of transactions between big banks. This is an advantageous and trustworthy way to share money. The market cap of this currency has crossed over $40 billion and keeps on growing.

5. Litecoin


This was released in 2011 from an ex-Google employee; this cryptocurrency holds high credibility in the market for its resourced working and security standards. This crypto uses an advanced algorithm that makes mining easier and provides users with faster transactions. There is a massive rush of altcoins in the market, leading to the fall of some crypto.

The Litecoin value has increased over 50% in recent years and continues to be the most helpful and faster crypto to date. This is much more credible, and in the coming years, there are higher possibilities that this can be a standard transaction medium.

6. Bitcoin Cash

There is a rapid rush among altcoins to promote their crypto and ensure higher market value, but the focus is distributed due to the high number of released currencies. Bitcoin has provided the users with the support of the first cryptocurrency by bitcoin cash that focuses on providing a maximum number of small transactions. The default size of the block is 1MB, so it cannot store many transactions.

Whereas in bitcoin cash, the value of a block can range up to 8MB to store maximum transactions, and in 2018, Bitcoin cash made the changes, and its size was increased to 32 MB. So it has become a good idea to make payments like employees’ salaries as it can store the maximum number of transactions.

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