5 Important Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Air Conditioner Filter

An air conditioner is one of the essential items to have, whether for usage in the house, company, and even public space. Having an air conditioner could help to make us feel comfortable and productive, especially during the summer. If your air conditioner has ever failed in the middle of a hot, muggy day, it will be very challenging to complete even the most basic tasks in that uncomfortable weather.

By regularly changing the air conditioning filter and performing routine air filter maintenance, you can keep your air conditioner running smoothly without the hitch during the summer. This is one of the simplest, least expensive, and most advantageous methods to do. However, many people are not aware of this. They left their air conditioner filter too long without being changed. Do keep in mind that if you have pets or a smoker in your house, it is even more important to clean the filter regularly.

One of the main reasons an air conditioner could break down is because of a dirty aircon filter. Dirty filters will make it impossible for the air conditioner to produce cool air, thus making it work twice as hard to cool the space. This may cause the equipment to overheat and ultimately fail completely. Thus to avoid this situation, make sure to always maintain and clean your air conditioner filter regularly.

Benefit from a clean air conditioner filter

Reduces carbon footprint

Maintaining your air conditioner is one of the best things you can do to lessen your carbon footprint. This prolongs the proper operation of your air conditioner, making it eventually more energy-efficient. You can save your energy expenditures significantly just by starting with a clean air conditioner filter.

Prolong air conditioner life expectancy

Your air conditioner will work harder to manage the air inside if the filter is unclean. The compressor is the most expensive component of the air conditioner, and when it is constantly overworked—for example, when it struggles to chill the room because the air conditioner’s filters are dirty, then it is very likely it will eventually break down. When that occurs, fixes won’t be sufficient. Your air conditioner will have to be completely replaced. By maintaining clean air conditioner filters, less strain is placed on the compressor, thus it will have an impact to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner unit. Dirty and neglected air conditioner filters are two of the main reasons why air conditioning systems fail.

Improve the air quality


This is crucial if you have children or older people living in your house because they spend more time indoors and are more susceptible to illness from airborne allergens and microorganisms. Asthma attacks, allergic reactions, and other respiratory conditions can be avoided by regularly cleaning your air conditioner’s filters.

When you maintain a clean air conditioner filter, your home will smell better, could prevent energy, and have less dust. You can improve your family’s overall health!

Better energy efficiency

Cleaning your air conditioning filter is the first thing you can do if you suddenly notice an increase in your utility expenses. Dirt and grime buildup can cause your air conditioner to overwork itself and consume more energy than necessary, By keeping your air conditioner’s filters clean –you may hasten the cooling process which will result to cool the room more quickly, eventually, you may switch the air conditioner off much earlier. This can save you a ton of money on your energy bills.

Prevent from having maintenance and repair costs

While routine filter cleaning won’t completely eliminate the need for maintenance –you won’t need to have it done by a professional as frequently. It will keep the air conditioner in good condition, preventing problems that would require pricey repair.

How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter?

Cleaning your air conditioner’s filters is very simple. You can actually do it by yourself. You can just remove the air conditioner filter, run it under water, and afterward wash it with mild soap before rinsing it again in clean water. After you leave it to dry, you can reinstall the filters to the air conditioner again. To get the maximum benefit, you should clean your air conditioner every month. But if it’s hard to do, at the very least you should clean or replace it every three months.


Comprehensive air conditioner maintenance can help extend the life of your aircon system and ensure that everything is running efficiently. If you reside in Singapore and are in need of a thorough air conditioner service, you can contact Luce Aircon. They will include air conditioner filter changes and system tune-up on your regular maintenance!

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