7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Go to Vegas to Gamble

Shiny slot machines, sophisticated blackjack dealers, glasses overflowing with champagne, and the sweet, sweet music of money playing through the ears. Sounds like Vegas, doesn’t it? Blame it on Hollywood or simply the aggressive marketing style of the Vegas casinos, but anyone could be fooled to believe that Vegas is THE gambling destination in the world.

Unfortunately, the numbers have spoken and they claim that only 7% of the visitors in Sin City are there to gamble. While the city boasts of premium and luxury casinos it’s unlikely you’d find many like-minded serious gamblers here. Vegas may not be the gambling heaven you’ve been hearing so much about. Check websites like online-kaszinó.com for better options.

So maybe hold off on your travel plans till you’re done reading this article.

1. It’s way too crowded


Everyone goes to Vegas, and we mean EVERYBODY. The city is a sea of people and getting lost out there isn’t that difficult. Think Hangover, the movie, and that’s a likelihood. Before the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Vegas welcomed 42 million people into its arms. That’s roughly the population of Argentina.

Gambling in Vegas isn’t exactly a relaxed experience and there are tons of alternatives that one can choose from instead. If the fear of the COVID-19 virus determines your gambling plans then giving Vegas a slip this time may be a great idea.

2. Extremely aggressive marketing

The economy of Las Vegas is largely dependent on gambling. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the landscape is competitive. A competitive gambling industry makes for fierce and aggressive marketing strategies to bait players.

Sure, it feels nice when all the casinos want you. However, warding off all the unwanted attention may be harder than one thinks. The surplus of options can also make the decision-making process fairly tedious. Playing your favorite casino games shouldn’t be this hard and you definitely don’t need to be in Vegas to gamble.

3. Online casinos


The technological revolution has given us a lot to be thankful about. Online gambling is one of those gifts that keeps on giving. Playing your favorite casino game in your Pjs sounds a whole lot better than going all the way to Vegas to do the same sans the Pjs.

In addition to the ease of access, online gambling offers a lot more options compared to a brick and mortar casino. Playing in online casinos definitely saves a lot of money and might just get you a ticket to a better gambling destination than Vegas.

4. Reno’s a smaller, nicer version of Vegas

Vegas has often overshadowed Reno when it comes to gambling. However, Reno is a great alternative if you’re looking for “greener pastures” and a hassle-free gambling experience. Reno’s a lot smaller than Vegas but it is also relatively inexpensive.

One can avoid the harsh light of Vegas and enjoy a fun night in Reno and lets not forget about the weather. Reno’s more pleasant and it’s only an hour’s drive from Lake Tahoe.

5. Show me the money


You know you’re going to be spending a lot of money if you’ve decided to go up to Vegas. The city is incredibly expensive. Its casinos, hotels, food, all of it could make a heavy dent in your wallet. Travel forums suggest living away from the strip for a budget trip. However, it’s no fun if the casino isn’t walking distance from your bed.

The most expensive casino building in the world resides in Las Vegas at the CityCenter. It was built for around 9 billion dollars and consists of 4 hotels, 2000 houses, and more than 40 restaurants. If you’re jaw has dropped make sure to pick it off the floor before the germs attack. On average, gamblers spend close to $500 a day in Vegas.

6. It’s hot

Casinos in the middle of a desert are not exactly like the oases we see in movies. Vegas has been bad-mouthed for its terrible weather all over the internet. The Guardian described its weather as “cooking” in 2022. It’s safe to say that Vegas doesn’t win any prizes with the Meteorological Department.

There are tons of gambling hotspots with better weather. Take Melbourne, for example. The city boasts of great winter weather and it features in the top 10 gambling cities across the world.

7. Dangerous city


At no rate is Las Vegas a crime-free city. Sure, there’s crime in almost every corner of the world. But with the kind of wealth permeating through the heat waves in the city, Vegas is pretty high up. This year, the police reported that killings were up 69%. That’s not an easy figure to sit with, specially if you’re looking to vacation with no abandon and heavy wallets.


Vegas is a lot of things, just maybe not your next gambling vacation. The world is your oyster and you’ve got tons of options to choose from. Think outside the box this time and skip Vegas if you really want to gamble.

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