Curling Wand: What Is Curling Wand?

This article is about a curling wand, its uses, and all you need to know about a curling wand. If you want to learn about the curling wand then you then this article will be helpful for you. You have required a curling wand if you want to give a voluminous, glossy and wavy look to your hair.

The wavy hairs look gorgeous and enhance your look but if you don’t have heavy, long and wavy hairs then don’t be disappoint to think that your hair does not look incredible. To give you hair a wavy, stunning, and heavy look you can use curling wands. If you are looking for the ways to use a curling wand then this article provides you all the useful information in this regard.

What is curling wand?


A curling wand is a device, which is used to give a heavy, wavy, and gorgeous look to the hair. It is device looked like a rod and it is made of metal. It makes your hair wavy by giving them heat. When you lock your hairs around the curling wand for some time. It gives a wavy look to your hair by giving them heat.

Such type of devices is used to give a voluminous look to your hair if you have thin and short hairs. The curling wand or rod commonly used to produce loos curls, flat curls, and waves in the hair. You can use curling wand or rods in hairstyles and to enhance your look by giving a gorgeous look to your hair.

For which purpose curling wand or rods is used

As the name, tell us that the curling rods and curling wands are of course used to produce curls in your hair. You can produce every type of curls in your hair include waves, loos and flat curls.

It provides a good volume to your hair if you do not have heavy and lengthy hair. If you do not have a natural wave and curls in your hair and want to produce curls and waves in your hair then curling wand helps you in this regard. It produces waves in your hairs with heating and the waves produced by curling wand looks natural. You can give every type of wavy look to your hair and you can use curling wand for styling your hair.

The tools are working to produce a natural wave in your hair to give a more heavy texture and gorgeous look to your hair.

How to use curling wand


To use a curling wand is not too much hard and difficult. It is an easy task; the only thing that you have required to use a curling wand is attention because sometimes when we are doing this task carelessly it would harm our hair and some of our body parts also.

If you want to give your hair a natural wavy look then you can use a curling wand to do so. You have required following the steps mentioned bellow if you want to produce waves and curls in your hair.

Step 1: Choose a good and reliable curling wand

If you want to give a gorgeous look to your hair then it is not difficult these days. There are tool produced for every task in this era of technology. If you want to buy a curling wand then keep few things in your mind. The curling wand is very dependent on the length and size of your hair.

If you want to produce tight curls then select a barrel size of 3/5 inches or a little less. If you want to produce loos and lengthy waves in your hair then select a curling wand with the size of barrel one inch and more.

There are many type of curling wand found in these days, which are made of different materials. Select a curling wand made up of ceramic and tourmaline material because they can help to overcome the look of frizz. Select an automatic curling wand, which gets off automatically at more heat.

Step 2: Wash your hair


If you want to give a perfect curly look to your hair then you have required cleaning your hair first. Take a shower and use shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair. If your hair are perfectly washed then it look stunning after curling. You can use any shampoo, which you think suitable for your health to clean your hair properly. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply some conditioner to give it a best tone.

Step 3: Blow-Dry your hair

When you wash your hair and cleaned your hair properly, then it is time to blow dry your hair because curling wet hair can damage our hair. Air-dried your hair and use a boar bristle brush. Keep blow-dry of your hair until it is dry properly. Apply some type of heat protectant before starting the curling procedure.

Step 4: Test the heat of your curling wand

After blow dried hair, now set the heat level for your hair. Make sure that the heat of your curling wand is enough to produce curls or not.

Step 5: Divide your hair into parts and curl


When you have done to check the heating of your curling wand then it is time to divide your hair into parts. Divide hair with the help of clips and then start curling. Fewer the hairs to produce good curls.

Step 6: Set your curls

Skater curling your hair set your hair with a comb or a brush to give a stunning look to your hair. After brushing your hair then use a hair spray to set your hair and to keep your curls perfect.

Pros and cons of using a curling wand



  • The majority of curling wand does not require the preheating process to produce good curls
  • Curling wands are available with a lot of different size of barrel in the market
  • They commonly set hair better due to its heating process


  • Commonly, curling wands are expensive as compared to curling irons
  • To curl short hair with curling wand is a hard task. The curling with curling wand depends on the length of your hair
  • It might be the reason of hair burn

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